Maria Coit
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Meet Me


I am an artist, and photography is just one of my favorite mediums!  I love to hike, and get out on the trails often.  I prefer to take my clients south of Ridgecrest to the Rademacher Hills for sessions.  I love discovering new places though, and am open to traveling to the surrounding areas! 

I have three kids and love to run and lift weights while they are in school.  I've found that endurance is important in my line of work!


"Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

-William Morris



I became an artist because it is my passion to make beautiful items for people to enjoy.  Photography is just one avenue to accomplish this!  I am also a fine artist currently focusing on painting.

I absolutely adore marrying photography and fine art.  I often use my own photographs as inspiration and reference for my paintings.  You can see an example of this in my photo to the left and my accompanying oil painting below.

Letting the brush fly...

I work best when I have intense periods of creativity followed by reflection and examination.  This is true in both painting and in photography.  

Often, the actual photography session is a complete blur. Then I spend days making edits and mulling over the results until suddenly I find the work is done.  In painting, this process can stretch out into months!  When I am in the zone, I work fast.  I typically mull over the results for days before I know what step to take next.  Eventually, there are no changes to make that would clearly benefit the piece, and it is declared finished!